*Please note, that all listed judging times are approximate and subject to change within reason.

Friday, July 21st
Agility Judging
Register (All Groups) - 12:30-12:50PM
Judging - 1:00PM

Saturday, July 22nd

Obedience Judging - 2B through 6A
Register (Advanced 6A-4A) - 7:30-7:50AM
Judging - 9:00AM
Register (Advanced 3B-3A) - 9:15-9:35AM
Judging - 9:45AM

Lunch Break (Approximate time 12-1PM)

Register (2B) 12:45-1:05PM 
Judging - 1:15PM

Tuesday,  July 25th
Showmanship Judging - Senior B
Register 5:30-5:50PM
Judging - 6PM

Wednesday, July 26th

Showmanship Judging - Junior & Intermediate B 
Register 4:30-4:50PM
Judging - 5PM

Thursday, July 27th

Showmanship Judging - Jr, Int & Senior A 
Register 5:30-5:50PM
Judging - 6PM

Small Animal Round Robin - 5PM
Beef Arena

Saturday, July 29th
Obedience Judging - 1A through 2A
1A - Grades 7-12     Register 7:30-7:50AM
Judging - 8AM

1A - Grades 4-6    Register 8:05-8:25AM 
Judging - 8:35AM

1A - Grade 3    Register 8:45-9:05AM 
Judging - 9:15AM

Veterans    Register 9:15-9:35AM 
Judging - 9:45AM

1B - All grades    Register 9:45-10:05AM 
Judging - 10:15AM

Lunch Break (approximate time 12:15-1PM)

2A - Grades 4-5    Register 12:45-1:05PM 
Judging - 1:15PM

2A - Grades 6-8    Register 1:30-1:50PM 
Judging - 2PM

2A - Grades 9-12    Register 2:30-2:50PM 
Judging - 3PM