About Us


Our Club History

The Dog Club was started 60 years ago.  For the first 17 years we had our shows in what is now known as the Home and Family Arts building on a dirt floor. We then moved to a tent by the commercial building in 1970-1990. Then in 1991 we built the building we are in now. In 1999 we poured out cement for the out sidewalk around the flowers. We built the additional space in 2006.

Our club members have participated in different fundraisers through out the years, with geraniums being our number one fundraiser. In 2003 we sold 5540 geraniums. Some of our other fundraisers have been the Lemon Shake-Up stand, the Rodeo concession stand, Dips, Candy, Candles, Jams, Coffee, and our latest is the wonderful cookbook! We have helped our community by donating food and items to the Human Society. We participate with the parade by having 2 water stations strategically placed for the runners and we have received numerous awards for our float. In 2007 we won the William Bigler Award for the Best Representing Theme for the float. Our building has won several First Impression and Excellence Awards starting from 1992-2013. We participated in the Flower Container contest and Scarecrow contest in 2013 and took 1st place in both.

The late Phyllis Wisler was our leader for 28 years. Joanna Barkman was our 2nd leader for 20 years. We have 2 trainers that have accomplished 30 or more years of training; Jeanne Dilorenzo and Lori Miltroka. Our children and pets learn to work together from our dedicated trainers!

Building Renovations

One of the newest cosmetic additions to our building include our NEW awning to our office on the front of the building. Our latest renovation was our polyvinyl fencing that is now complete.

Our Mission Statement:

 The human members are the main focus of the Elkhart County 4-H Dog  Club. 

Our goal, as the leaders and trainers of the club is to teach;patience, kindness, 

perseverance, forgiveness and self discipline through instruction and example. 

We strive to teach our members consistency in training, discipline and

responsibility, hoping that through this experience they will gain self-confidence

which will benefit them in future life experiences.