When does your club meet?
        -- We meet every Tuesday of every month starting on a given date in March of each year through the end of fair.

When can I enroll? 
        -- Enrollment has already ended for this year. Please return to our website following the fair for more details.

What kind of training is given?
        -- We have 2 core training classes for all ages; Obedience & Showmanship. 
        -- 4-H'ers may choose to participate in our Agility Training. 
        -- Members may choose to participate in Trick or Costume Judging for the fair also. However, there is no training classes. Some requirements are given for the member to participate in judging.  

What are the training requirements?
        -- Visit our Project Requirements page for details.

I need a vet sheet. Where can I find one?
        -- Visit our Vet Sheet page for details

What are the club dues?
        -- Our club has certain dues that must be paid each year. *This does not include fees required each year by the state. 
        The dues are as follows: One child - $10, Two children - $18, Three Children - $21

Have further questions not listed above? 
Please visit our 'Contact Us' page and let us answer your questions!