Incentive Program

The purpose of the Dog Club incentive program is to encourage members to participate beyond the required activities. It is designed to reward those members who actively participate in normal club activities (ie. training sessions, business meetings, ect.)
Helping with fundraisers, attending educational and community service activities are all also included! 

Below is a list of activities and their point values:

 Club Activity  Point Value 
 Community Service - Donation to an animal shelter ++ 12
 Assisting and Helping (Landscaping, Clean up, Building prep. ect.) 15
 Help with Chicken BBQ15
 Help with Kids day activities at the fair 15
Fundraisers (Every 5 items sold)  20
 Geranium Sales (18 plant minimum) 15
 Parade Water Station 15
 Parent Participation (Landscaping, Set up, Clean up, ect.) 10
If parent attends Parent Meeting 10

++ A receipt must be shown


The 4H'er will complete the project in order to be eligible for incentive prizes.

The 4H'er is responsible to sign the participation sheet when helping to set up, tear down, trainings, ect.

Each year the 4-H'er will have to increase their point value by 150 in order to reach the next level.

 Levels  Points  Prize
 1.  150 Pet Waste & pin
 2.  300 Picture Frame
 3.  450 4-H Umbrella
 4.  600 Aluminum Water bottle and Pen
 5.  750 Travel Chair
 6.  900 Keepsake Box
 7. 1,050$25 & Dog Pin
 8. 1,200Jacket
 9. 1,350 Name Embroidered on Jacket
and Gift Card 
 10. 1,500Patch or pin and gift card

*Prizes may change due to availability.

If you have any questions, please visit our contact page.