2015 Leaders & Advisory Board


These great individuals help bring everything together and work with everything as in problems that may come about or questions from the parents. When you need them; they are there to help!


# of Years Served:


# of Years Served:

Melissa Cloud
-- Chair, Director, Co-organizational Leader

20 Years

Kathy Flager
-- Co-organizational Leader, Treasurer

19 Years

Julie Wales
-- Assistant Leader

8 Years

Denise Manges
-- Secretary, Assistant Leader

8 Years

Shirley Ganger
-- Assistant Treasurer & Leader

7 Years

Nate Wales
-- Website Administrator, Project Leader

3 Years

Advisory Board 

Our Advisory Board comes up with all of the ideas, plans, corrections, and additions to our club!


 # of Years Served:


 # of Years Served:

Maja Medlen 7 Years Lisa Giddens 6 Years
Dorothy Schwartz  2 Years Eric Snider 2 Years
Minerva Anderson 1st Year