State Fair Registration

The last day for State Fair Registration is July 1st, 2016!

2016 State Fair Entry website navigation for 4-H Dog Competition
  *Disclaimer -- the following steps were accurate as of June 28, 2016 and do not reflect any changes Indiana State Fair may have made to their website since that time.

Create an account if this is your child's first time going,  OR log in to your account if your child has been an exhibitor at State Fair before.

Click on 'Add Entry'

Scroll til you find Dept 411- 4-H Dog. Click on it

Click on 'Select Exhibitor'

Enter your child's information OR if returning exhibitor it should pop up on it's own.

Click on the 2 little boxes on the lower left of the screen indicating you are a parent and that you are the responsible party, blah blah blah.

Click on 'Save Exhibitor'

Next screen-- Class information.  Click on Obedience FIRST (in the little box on upper left side of screen).  
In the larger window, find the Obedience level she will be competing at and click on the corresponding Red +  This opens up a new window for the dogs information which needs to be entered. You only need to do enter the dog's information once.  You will need to know the dog's height at the withers. 
This needs to be the same height that Jeanne has on her records. Also double check with Jeanne as to the levels they will be competing in as they must show at the same level at state as they do at county fair.

After that is entered, go back to the upper left box and select agility and showmanship.
Again, in the larger window, find the level your child is competing at in either one of these, and all you have to do is click on "New Entry".  Your dog's name should pop up.
Click on the dog's name to select it. Then click on the Red + directly under it. This puts the entry into your Cart.

Easy peasy.

Now click on 'Cart' in the red bar at the top.  Don't freak  out.  They will try to take your money for lots of different things, but all you need is to pay the $20.00 plus some levels of showmanship and agility will charge you a dollar  per class that she is showing in -- shouldn't come to more than around $23.00--
unless you decide to order additional State Fair tickets.  ( You automatically get 6 tickets plus a parking pass with your $20.00 that you're paying)

Enter Credit card into and Submit.
Print a copy of the entry for your own records, you should get an email confirming your entry in a few days.