Please note, this is a sample overview of our club.

This overview may be revised from year to year.

(Updated April 19th, 2016)


January     Business meeting - no dogs

Project books given out

Pay annual dues (One child, $10. Two Children, $18. Three Children, $21)

Fill out paperwork

                        Enrollment Deadline of January 15th, 2015.


February       Business meeting - no dogs


March           Business meeting - no dogs


April            Training every Tuesday begins* - dog and 4-Her;  parent(s) are encouraged to stay

Purchase training equipment from club (we sell at cost & will ensure the proper equipment is purchased).


May               Training every Tuesday

Showmanship training begins - additional half hour of training

Parent participation - helping with fundraisers and gardening is greatly appreciated

Be working on fair projects and requirements, information is in the manual


June            Training every Tuesday

Agility training begins - 2nd year and up only, requires additional training time


July            Training every Tuesday



August        State fair, all members are welcome to show


Fall                 Banquet - incentive awards, trainer’s choice awards and trophies are given out

                        Training - 1x per month September and October


Things you and your parents should know and do:

    <       Project  books are kept for multiple years; don’t throw them away

Level 1 - grades 3-5

Level 2 - grades 6-8

Level 3 - grades 9-12

    <       You will find most of your questions answered on this website.  If not, please ask any of our leaders, trainers or advisory board members

    <       Possible Fundraisers:

Geraniums - sell February through mid April

Coffee and Cookbooks – sold year round

                              Others - the club is always open to fundraising ideas

*  years 1-3 plan to attend a minimum of 50% of the training; if this will be a problem, please let a leader know as soon as possible